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Enjoy the Next-gen AM5 on B650E AORUS PRO X USB4!

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and hardware solutions, introduced the latest all-round B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 motherboard. Built-in with Dual USB4® ports and comprehensive leading features, B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 enables users to enjoy the most affordable next-gen AM5 platform in advance.

With blisteringly fast and reliable transfer speeds, extensive compatibility, efficient charging, and ultra-HD display connectivity, USB4 has evidently become an essential specification on the coming next-gen AM5 platform. Among the increasing number of USB4-ready devices on the market, the B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 exclusively features dual native USB4 ports, providing up to 40 Gbps on each port with support for all Ryzen™ processors. Uniquely, this total 40 Gbps bandwidth can be fully used for data transferring, unlike Thunderbolt 4, which shares bandwidth between data and video. Aside from the full 40Gbps USB4, B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 also offers superb connectivity with Wi-Fi 7 using GIGABYTE's Ultra-High Gain antenna and 2.5 GbE LAN.

B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 boasts several exclusive DIY-friendly innovations in both hardware and firmware to enable a joyful and effortless system building. The newly designed EZ-Debug Zone centralizes debug LEDs and control buttons to provide a convenient and organized troubleshooting process. The WIFI EZ-Plug design integrates Wi-Fi antenna plugs into one adapter, relieving users from the troublesome screwing required during installation. The Sensor panel Link features onboard video port simplifies Sensor Panel installation without worries about cable routing. The PCIe EZ-Latch Plus delivers screwless installation for PCIe graphics cards, while M.2 EZ-Latch Click and M.2 EZ-Latch Plus allow for tool-free installation of M.2 SSDs and heatsinks. The upgraded user-centric UC BIOS offers a redesigned UI and UX, featuring a Quick Access panel with customizable option slots.

Powered by all-digital 16 phase design with 80A SPS per phase, the B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 can unleash exceptional performance of the latest and upcoming AMD Ryzen™ processors. Furthermore, the advanced thermal design includes an enlarged heatsink with a heat pipe in the VRM area and an M.2 thermal guard, providing high-efficiency heat dissipation to ensure the system stays cool while running multitasking or resource-hungry applications.



The all-round B650E AORUS PRO X USB4 motherboard with built-in next-gen AM5 will be available in early June. Please stay tuned to the GIGABYTE website for more information: