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GIGABYTE Pioneers AI PC Market with AI Innovations and Leading Silicon Partnerships

As COMPUTEX 2024 approaches, top chip suppliers and PC manufacturers are gearing up to unveil their latest AI innovations. The world’s leading computer brand, GIGABYTE is no exception. Following its "AI Strategy'' aimed at the consumer PC market, GIGABYTE continues collaborating with Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD to maximize AI chip performance. This year, GIGABYTE solidifies its leadership in the AI PC market with exclusive AI Nexus technology and deep partnerships with NVIDIA and Microsoft. With Microsoft's release of the next-generation Copilot and Copilot+ PCs, GIGABYTE has proactively integrated AI services and technologies into its platforms. Over 40% of its laptops feature dedicated Copilot keys, offering a seamless AI experience and showcasing GIGABYTE's market leadership.


GIGABYTE’s new gaming laptops introduce the groundbreaking AI Nexus technology, enhancing user experience with three key functions. Gamers demand high performance, and AI Boost leverages AI for higher performance through overclocking during intense gaming sessions. However, increased power may reduce battery life. AI Power Gear intelligently extends battery life by automatically shutting off the dGPU when the laptop is unplugged, ensuring longer on-the-go usage. Additionally, AI Generator offers on-device generative AI utilities, enabling quick startups and seamless

transitions between applications. With these features, GIGABYTE redefines the gaming experience, providing the ultimate edge in performance and convenience.


GIGABYTE's close collaboration with NVIDIA ensures all AI gaming laptops feature NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 series Laptop GPUs, supporting high-demand software like Stable Diffusion and Adobe Firefly. Some models, powered by the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra processors, integrate Neural Processing Units (NPUs) to reduce CPU load, resulting in energy-efficient operation, accelerated AI processing, and significantly improved battery life. GIGABYTE's strategic partnership with Microsoft ensures seamless Copilot technology integration into its AI laptops. With dedicated Copilot keys featured in over 40% of GIGABYTE AI laptops, users effortlessly access Microsoft services, underscoring GIGABYTE's forward-thinking approach and close collaboration with Microsoft in the AI PC domain.


GIGABYTE continues to drive AI technology applications, delivering exceptional user experiences. Ahead of COMPUTEX 2024, GIGABYTE will unveil new AI devices and solutions, showcasing several AI PCs and presenting a comprehensive blueprint for its AI advancements. This reaffirms GIGABYTE's leadership in the AI PC market and its commitment to building a robust AI ecosystem with industry leaders. For more information, visit: