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To celebrate the upcoming holiday period we're giving away five AORUS robot figurines to add to your awesome AORUS set-up!

WIN 1 of 5 AORUS robots by simply liking us on Facebook and tell us in the comments below in ...
Taking colour coordination inside your rig to the next level - that's the beauty of RGB lighting!

CS:GO Aztec themed Terrorist vs Counter-Terrorist case mods - which would you choose?!


AORUS RTX 20-Series -
Fortnite Season 7 is here! Make sure to celebrate it with the Counterattack Set from the GeForce Fortnite Bundle and be the last one standing!

For a limited time, when you upgrade your weaponry with a GIGABYTE AORUS GTX 1060, ...
The Z390 AORUS PRO gets the "Must Have" award from!

Check out the full review article -

Available now -
That AORUS RTX 2080 Ti XTREME - we're loving this reverse ATX layout! 🤩

AORUS RTX 20-Series available now -
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Feast your eyes on this hardware goodness! 😍😍😍


AORUS RTX 20-Series -
AORUS added 5 new photos.
The Z390 AORUS MASTER - getting ready for some liquid cooling action on the i9-9900K!

Who's picked up one of these sweet boards?

Available here -
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Z390 AORUS PRO | Intel Core i9-9900K | GIGABYTE RTX 2080 Ti GAMING OC | AORUS RGB DDR4 | Samsung 970 PRO

A pretty sweet combo! Show us your sweet GIGABYTE / AORUS gear!
Optimum Tech does some overclocking and undervolting with the i9-9900K on the Z390 AORUS PRO!

Check out their video to find out more -
The incredible CS:GO Aztec themed Cooler Master Cosmos C700P case mods from SimpleModz - featuring the Z390 AORUS MASTER, X299 AORUS GAMING 7 PRO and dual AORUS RTX 2080 Ti XTREME graphics cards! 🤩😍🤩
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The hunt begins with Monster Hunter World - when you buy a qualified GIGABYTE AORUS GTX 1070Ti, 1070 and 1060 graphics card!

Learn more -
"Probably... definitely, the best looking RTX model available right now" - check out Hardware Unboxed's coverage of the AORUS RTX 2080 Ti XTREME 🤩
Be the last one standing with the GeForce FORTNITE bundle when you buy a qualified GIGABYTE AORUS GTX 1070Ti, 1070 and 1060 graphics card.

Learn more -
The AORUS K9 optical mechanical keyboard - for all your typing/gaming needs! Oh and it's splash resistant so snacking is allowed 😉

Available in both red & blue switches -
Reach new horizons 🌅🌄✨
& have the RGB to match 😉

AORUS M5 mouse available now -
We've partnered with PC419 to give away an awesome AORUS AGC300 gaming chair 😁👍

Enter here -
Check out the latest AORUS Xtreme Duo System by PC Case Gear. How do you like it? ;)
Check out details here:
If you're tired of hearing about sales - here's a gloriously overpowered new gaming PC fresh ...
Get up to three games FREE when you buy a select GIGABYTE AMD Radeon RX Vega, RX 580 or RX 570 graphics card!

Nov 15th to Feb 9th 2019 or while stocks last.
Learn more -
For a limited time only, buy select GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce RTX graphics cards and score yourself a Battlefield V game code to enjoy 😁👍

Learn more -
Cleaning house in Hardware Unboxed's top 5 best Z390 motherboards line-up - check out the video for more 😜

Find our AORUS Z390 range available here -
Check GPU prices now: Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming ITX/ac: Gigabyte Z390 ...
Team up and fight on with AORUS Z390 series motherboards - featuring an all new look and improved VRM design and cooling!

Learn more -

Available now -

#AORUS #GoBeyond
Happy weekend! Enjoy this quick time-lapse video of two awesome powered #AORUS case mods from ModMyMods! 😎👍
Join the ModMyMods crew as they create two incredible watercooled PCs for Dreamhack Montreal 2018 We had the opportunity to work with Gigabyte/AORUS ...
Learn more about the Z390 AORUS MASTER, and our five must-have features! 😎😁👍
The GIGABYTE AORUS Z390 series motherboards were released on October 8, 2018. We’ve heard that the GIGABYTE motherboard is a gamechanger. What is the difference between this ...
Get to know more about LinusTech in our special interview with the man himself, in one of the latest #AORUS ALL STARS episodes! Check it out below!
Linus Sebastian is the man behind the wildly successful YouTube channel "Linus Tech ...
Andy from takes a very in-depth look at the Z390 AORUS MASTER - check out their video below for everything you need to know about one of our flagship Z390 motherboards! 🤩

Available now -
Now that the ...
There's no such thing as too much RGB...😝😂😝

AORUS RTX 20-Series graphics cards available now -
Z390 AORUS MASTER - 5GHz+ ...enough said!

Available now -
Stunning and powerful - we're proud to call the Z390 AORUS XTREME our flagship Z390 motherboard! ❤️💚💙💜💛

Learn more -
2 days left to enter and win this custom #AORUS powered Battlefield V themed case mod from Designs By IFR!

See the full time-lapse video here -

Enter to WIN here -
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Limited time only - get Monster Hunter World with select GIGABYTE GeForce GTX graphics cards!

Valid for purchases Oct 23 to Nov 29, learn more -
Hardware Unboxed takes a look at some high-end Z390 motherboards and tests how their VRM performs, with the Z390 AORUS MASTER coming out on top! 😍

Watch the full video here -
We had an amazing time at #PAXAUS 2018! Huge thanks to our partners and everyone that joined us. Check out all the #AORUS action in the video below!

PLE Computers | Intel | NVIDIA GeForce | Cooler Master
This time Van and Matt give you a quick look at our top-of-the-line Z390 AORUS XTREME motherboard... the board you've all been waiting for!

Learn more - #AORUS #GoBeyond
Join Van and Matt from our North America team as they give you an overview of our newly released AORUS RTX 2080 XTREME - our latest and greatest graphics card!

Available now - #AORUS #GoBeyond

Available now -
The AORUS RTX 2080 Ti XTREME water cooled edition - coming soon 😉

#AORUS #GoBeyond
AORUS added 4 new photos.
Huge thanks to everyone that joined AORUS at #PAXAUS 2018 and a big shout-out to our partners PLE Computers, NVIDIA GeForce and Cooler Master! We look forward to an even bigger one next year! 🤩

#AORUS #GoBeyond
AORUS added 11 ...
The incredible Quake Q case mod by Technology and Gaming stands tall at the AMD #PAXAUS booth! Come check it out!

Powered by the X399 AORUS XTREME motherboard and dual AORUS XTREME GTX 1080Ti graphics! #AORUS #GoBeyond
AORUS added 6 ...
Last day of #PAXAUS! Keep an eye out for GIGABYTE/AORUS RTX graphics cards - they're everywhere 🤩
AORUS added 4 new photos.
Join us at the NVIDIA GeForce booth for final day of #PAXAUS tomorrow - with a ton of #AORUS giveaways!
AORUS added 4 new photos.
The custom Battlefield V #GIVEAWAY PC from Designs By IFR made its way to #PAXAUS! Come check it out on the PLE Computers booth!
AORUS added 3 new photos.
PLE Computers brings the goods to #PAXAUS with custom #AORUS powered systems and a ton of giveaways! Come check it out 😍
AORUS added 4 new photos.
The AORUS team enjoying a "Falcon Punch" at GG EZ Bar in Melbourne! #PAXAUS

New streaming set-up powered by #AORUS!
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Love PC hardware?! We gotchu! Come check out the latest AORUS Z390 motherboards and RTX 20-Series graphics cards on the PLE Computers, NVIDIA GeForce and Cooler Master booths at #PAXAUS!
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#AORUS powered case mods at #PAXAUS 2018!
AORUS added 10 new photos.
Putting final touches on some awesome AORUS gear at PAX Australia - ready for all you peeps to enjoy! 🤩

AORUS added 4 new photos.

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