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We had an awesome time at Beachcon 2018! Here's a tour of the AORUS booth with all our new awesome hardware.

Thanks to all those who came out.
X470 is here!!! To celebrate the launch, we're introducing brand new #AORUS motherboards. Let's take a first look at the X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming.161
How to Win Fortnite on a Macbook Pro!
- Dave2D
If you play Fortnite on your MacBook Pro you're probably having a bad time in Battle Royale. This external GPU gives significantly better frame rates. Availa...
The GIGABYTE RX 580 Gaming Box is exclusively available for pre-order through! is the definitive external graphics card community formed by enthusiasts.
The whole shebang! #AORUS19522
Did you guys have fun playing the smaller Savage map? Which location is your first choice to land, by the way? I love the Swamp Temple80
X470 is here! To celebrate the launch, we're introducing brand new #AORUS motherboards. Let's take a first look at the X470 AORUS Gaming 7 WiFi.395
One awesome build by Pause Hardware

Hello ,
le Mod #Pm01_RGB_Aorus_edition est terminé
The Case Mod #Pm01_RGB_Aorus_edition is now done
les composant utlisés sont les suivants
Boitier (case) : Silverstone Pm-01 RGB Blanc
CM (mobo) : Aorus Z370 Gaming ...
2x M.2 thermal guards come included with the brand new X470 #AORUS Gaming 7 WiFi.324
Now we are ready to announce the winners of X5 & X9DT Giveaway~

Please, contact us via messages, so we can send you the STEAM code $50 ASAP🤘
Thank ya'll for participating, stay tuned~~~We will have more information about ...
AORUS 300 Series Motherboards.

Supercharge your Performance.

Check out a first look at the X470 AORUS Gaming 7 WIFI!
Get the best performance from 2nd Gen Ryzen with XFR 2 and Precision Boost Overdrive providing an extra boost.

AORUS shares the same passion ...
When times are tough...stay connected. #AORUS #X5V8

Learn more here:
【i7-8850H V.S. i7-8750H】

The latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8850H overclockable processor on #AORUS_X5 has jaw-dropping performance growth and therefore unleash the potential of your gaming!
☑ Over 40% capability increase V.S. 7th Gen Core i7-7820HK
☑ Over 15% performance ...
A fully submerged PC?! #AORUS27190
Stacked fin heatsinks FTW. #AORUS X470 boards are now available!609
Join AorusKiki tonight at 8:30pm MST for our Weekly Stream!

We are back from PAX, ready to chat and Play Games! Big ANNOUNCEMENTS to talk about tonight, as well as the long awaited GIVEAWAYS!!! Stream ...
It's game time! We're here in Long Beach, California as a sponsor of Beachcon 2018. Check out the views below.
AORUS added 20 new photos — at Thunder Studios.
#AORUS meets X470. Available now at Amazon and Newegg!9710
More reasons why you can’t resist BRIX! - part 2
Learn more on Tech Friday

Still remember the 3 reasons we introduced as to whyyou can't resist BRIX? This week, let's keep going to show ...
When your FPS falls below 60 FPS

What frame rates are you running your favorite game at?

AORUS updated their cover photo.573
PUBG Time-Limited Event Mode: War is in full swing.

Each game will have three 10-man Squads, attempt to kill enemies and get points. The first team to reach 200 points wins.

This game mode will be ended on April 15, ...
Ask us (almost) anything about the new #AORUS X470 Gaming Motherboards! 😎
AORUS was live.
[Tech Friday]
Get your very own AORUS H370/B360 motherboards to experience the prowess of our 300 series boards! 💪

Learn more on Tech Friday

#AORUS #GIGABYTE #H70 #B360 #Motherboards #TechFriday
Following Intel’s recent release of the H370 and B360 ...
【#TeamUpWithAorus – PAX EAST 2018 Campaign】
🎉Winner Announcement – The winner goes to @LoLGamyu! Congratulations!

@LoLGamyu please message us to redeem the AORUS goodie bag 🎁 Congratulations!
Guess which motherboard this is ;) #AORUS12735
A wild AndyPyro appeared! #AORUS #PAXEast151
We have some new #AORUS boards right around the corner. Stay tuned for an official announcement coming soon!578
Heads up, AORUS fans! It’s time for a GIVEAWAY. 😍
Just watch our new AORUS #X5 and #X9DT video, answer questions from it, and participate in the rest of actions. You are gonna have chance to win STEAM CODE at ...
The FOUNDER of PC Master Race.?!? Let's sit down for a quick chat with Pedro to talk about the world's the largest PC gaming community! #AORUS #PAXEast70
Let's take a first look at a BRAND NEW motherboard from #AORUS. Learn more:
In the past the H chipset was a stepdown version of the Z chipset in every which way, but with the introduction of the H370 ...
It's all in the details. H370 #AORUS Gaming 3 WiFi available now:
"To be blunt, I really didn't know what to expect going into this review. Being a consumer-grade chipset, the H370 held little allure for me since I tend to drift more towards the higher end enthusiast chipsets for my personal ...382
Looking fresh & clean 💦
Finished installing drivers and software for the AORUS GPU in the new shop PC.
AORUS shared Envious Mods's post.
Welcome to our #GamingCorner setup at #PAXEast. What does yours look like?110
【[Show us your #GamingCorner & WIN!]】

📣Winner Announcement📣
Thanks for your participation! Here is the winner list. Come to check if you are the lucky ones! AORUS will send each winner a notice email. Congratulations! 🎉
AORUS added 6 new ...
Which game are you anticipating the most?😍

▪️Dark Souls Remastered
▪️Jurassic World Evolution
▪️The Crew 2

What’s new on the B360 AORUS Gaming 3 WiFi motherboards?

#AORUS #GIGABYTE #ChallengetheUnexpected
This is the ULTIMATE gaming laptop! #AORUS #PAXEast
AORUS is at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.
Let's hear why our fans chose #AORUS over everything else during #PAXEast 2018!
AORUS is at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.
The ultimate setup for gamers. #AORUS #GamingCorner #PAXEast
AORUS is at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.
Let’s go!!! #AORUS #PAXEast
AORUS is at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.
You always have that one buddy that carries a uzi stock when he has an M4 and a Tommy Gun..
AORUS shared PUBG Best's post.
Come along for an #AORUS booth tour with Van during #PAXEast.361
The crowd here is wild! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the #AORUS booth during #PAXEast 2018. We still have one more day to go!
AORUS added 11 new photos — at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.
Come check out new #AORUS motherboards at #PAXEast with our special guest: Nathan Nathanias Fabrikant!
AORUS is at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.
[Tech Friday]
Why M.2 Thermal Guards?
...M.2 Thermal Guards come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and quantities depending on the board model. So let's check out the detailed introduction 😉

Learn more on Tech Friday

#AORUS #M2_ThermalGuard #TechFriday ...

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