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The GIGABYTE AERO laptops are the perfect combination of rationality and sensibility and offer the best support for creators! The AERO laptops are designed with gorgeous 16:10 4K OLED & Mini LED display, delivering super wide color gamut, and the most accurate color reproduction. The inherited aesthetic and geometric designs in AERO allow you to embrace more possibility in life, bringing new level of vision throughout your creative journey!

Sum of the Light Spectrum

The aesthetics formula of AERO laptops consists of polished details and graceful simplicity. The arc body is complemented with neat edges, removing any needless complexities. The CNC aluminum-alloy unibody is much more sophisticated than the traditional designs.

Thin yet Boundless 16" 4K+ OLED Display

The AERO 16 comes with the most beautiful display, never compromising any visual effect detail through the most dazzling 16-inch 4K+ OLED screen in GIGABYTE’s history. Brilliant images cecome even more vidid and colorful, offering better brightness and premium contrast. Plus enjoy more screen real estate with the 16:10 golden aspect ratio.


Elevate Your Vision

Sam Green

“AERO specifically with its RAM, processor and graphics card makes it a power house. I must say my absolute favourite feature is the OLED UHD screen. The colour and resolution is invaluable in my industry."

Music Producer

“The AERO 16 is amazing ! It's the perfect combination to work with the custom PC in the studio and the laptop on the road. It's truly powerful and the screen is something else that I've never experienced before.”


" I love my gaming setup, but the freedom the AERO 15 provides outside of my space is next level. No matter where I am, as long as I've got my AERO 15 with me I can game, edit or record on the go! "

How GIGABYTE is getting involved in the electronic music scene

Computer hardware manufacturer GIGABYTE is showing its support for the electronic music scene having collaborated with Physical Radio and EDDISON. The pairing is designed to allow both Physical Radio and EDDISON to continue their creative endeavours by making the most of GIGABYTE’s latest gear.

EDDISON - Rewind (ft. Someone)
[Official Music Video]

We are thrilled to present the ‘Rewind’ remix contest with EDDISON in collaboration with Barbecue Records and LabelRadar! AORUS has build the bespoke custom PC and supports EDDISON with the latest GIGABYTE AERO Creator laptops in dedication to his music production and content creation.  EDDISON is proud to present ‘Rewind', his first piece of work using this new gem of technology! 

Creativity Starts Here

Epic Minequest Animation Artwork Feat. Sam Green Media


AERO Gallery

When Tech Becomes Art

When people think of the act of drawing inspiration, classic sources spring to mind: fashion, art, books, architecture, even nature. But modern minds know that unexpected references make for the best inspiration. GIGABYTE have released the AERO creator laptop range to accommodate those who favor portability, added screen real-estate or the best of both worlds.....


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